well its thanksgiving and im finally doing something i should have done a long time ago which is start putting my thoughts down on paper (well on blogger at least)

first, a review of my life: its pretty good. love my roommates, love the people i work with. work takes up a lot of time (which is a blessing and a curse) but when im not working im reading or messing around online, watching football or cooking

...i should also try to see more of the cultural side of DC - so thats one goal to have at least...

im glad its the holiday season (thanksgiving to new years is probably my fav part of the year)

ummm i love my blackberry and ipod (did the research and am quite content to not have gone with the iphone)

i am trying to get back into reading (fiction + non-fiction)

i do miss my friends and *gasp* austin college *gasp* but thats life.

i also miss model UN (and im gonna try to be on the staff for NMUN in the spring - we shall see how that goes) so im gonna at least try to get back into it

im also getting back into music, which is great because i love it, so far i like the new jason mraz a lot, the new butch walker even more and am starting to listen to the new kanye some as well (even though i have no high hopes or anything else for it because of all his stuff about being how important he is, "Bush hates black people", saying that he wants a revision of the bible because he should be in it, crashing the EMAs when he didnt win, he implied that the reason he didnt open the VMAs was because of his skin color, etc) - i havent stopped listening to someone because of their politics but im dangerously close with kanye over this stuff

overall, id say life is going quite well...for now.

this will be a little bit of everything - from what i think about political events/occurances to news topics to cool things i see/links i see to thigns open to discussion to sports to whatever else ramples across my mind.

and on that note im gonna wrap this up because im tired and theres not much more to say in this post...


A Sloan said...

haha i had no idea kanye said that about the bible. wow. That's out there even for him.

John Leftwich said...

thats kanye for you...and his new CD = his worst yet (imho)

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