let me say first of all that the new kanye is, in my mind, his *worst* album yet. i didnt even have to try to dislike it, because from one song, "heartless" on it sounds basically the same...think forever the sickest kids on speed mixed with t-pain...electric hip hop - wtf? on a 1 to 5 scale it gets a 1.

the same with the new t-pain (Thr33 Ringz), its just meh. his last disk was better. this was a very average disk.

now, on the other hand, the new ludacris (theater of the mind) is really good. in my mind the best song is "undisputed" followed by nasty girl and one more drink but thats just me...solid disk top to bottom and unlike the new kanye and t-pain doesnt sound the same from the start to the end.

maybe i should have listened harder/better but i just was *not* impressed with kanye after graduation. i really liked college dropout, really didnt like late registration, liked graduation quite a bit and now didnt like 808's - this means i will like his next CD right?

until next time...


A Sloan said...

hmm I can see how you may not like it. It is kind of a polarizing album. and I don't profess to like all the songs but I def don't think its his worst. But I wasn't a huge fan of late registration.
To Kanye's credit, he posted a blog entry about the vocoder(autotune if you will) basically acknowledging the fact that he was aware that not everyone would be a fan, and in true Yeezy fashion, stated that he didn't care because he loved it. I do agree, however that this is nowhere near college dropout level.

have you heard of any audioscrobbler-esque blogger widgets that will show my top played songs and such from iTunes?

John Leftwich said...

last.fm = awesome

and iirc they give you html-compatable text for top played songs

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