im doing pretty dang bad on this updating my blog thing

went to DC United game tonight - was a lot of fun :)

got some pretty good elite 8 games coming up...also, talk about a team playing well at the end, id love to see michigan state make it to the championship now that my "team" lost (memphics)...

in other news billy gillespie got fired at kansas, wonder where he goes next? wonder if aTm would take him back? lol

in other news, im kind of ready for baseball to start up, ya know? ill be spending too much time at nationals park im sure (5$ walkup tickets? count me IN)

i saw watchmen recently. i think its a movie i would/will like better on DVD/watching it at home. i enjoyed it but let me say that some scenes were just a little overboard lol. also didnt help WHO i was watching it with

i go to the metro last nite at about 10 to ride up to chinatown/gallary place and watch i love you, man, and just barely miss the train. turns out the next train is an EIGHTEEN MIN wait. im sorry, but there is not, nor has there ever been, a movie that i am willing to wait 18 min by myself at the waterfront metro to go see.

you dont have to wait 18 min on a MONDAY night for a train. i would have no problem paying a little more (rush hour prices?) to have more trains on a fri/sat night. i mean, really? 18 min? comeon!

thats about all for now...but going to try to update this a couple of times this coming week...lol

i wish motion city soundtrack was coming to this area - id even go to baltimore to go see em lol
i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellly should update this more lol
the weekend comes to an end, full of sleeping, reading, tv and relaxation.

i took about a 2 .5 mile walk last nite...just to take a walk. was pretty nice, but didnt find any hole in the walls place that i was kind of looking for. o well. ended up at dupont circle, got out of the metro at u street and just walked up and down for waaaaaay too long lol. it was a nice walk, great weather (much like today)

today was great weather - and daylight savings time was pretty nice also - an extra hour of daylight at night, althought i lost an extra hour of sleep lol - o well...

this is going to be another good week i hope, its a short one (im out on friday) but it will be a good one i hope :)

goals for this week:
  • get rid of more clutter (declutter) - this is something that is continuing, i have been working on it for a while - both at office and at home and am (very) slowly getting places with it lol
  • be more healthy/work out more
  • study for the GRE - specifically verbal!
  • relax (probably wont have much time for that)
  • drink more tea - this one is strange, because its a week to week thing - ill drink a lot one week, then drink only a little bit or none the next week...maybe it will help some with the headaches, maybe working out will help as well
this is random, but the old bluejays logo was pretty sweet:
life is pretty good

only current problem is these headaches i keep getting. i seriously have to come home and lay in bed for 20-30 min, lights off, no sound before they will pass - and even then they will randomly come back...its strange cuz they are one-sided, they dont usually hurt on both sides...

in other news, went on a 2.5 mile walk today across the city, from u street through adams morgan down to dupont. had some dinner there. i miss my ipod, i reallllly need to re-order the headphone part so i can use it again. this week.

also got some GRE study aids, studying starts monday (woohoo...or not?) and working out starts mon as well...

1969 - "wreck me" is an epic song.

i should have done more today, but really was just lazy most of the day, reading, tv, music.

and for the epic fail of today, well tonight: the safeway where we live had two lines open. then they only had one line open, and had twenty paying customers in the one line. keep in mind, not twenty different people, twenty individual paying cutomers - so about 25 people in general...ONE PERSON. the other one "went on break" and the third person left work early. seriously? "on break" are you KIDDING ME?

anyway, its something i have gotten accustomed to, subway being no good...if i had any other choice other than 711, i would go in a heartbeat...

anyway, headache kind of coming on = less computer = end of this entry. maybe ill do another one tomorrow afternoon, probably a slightly longer one? book it.
well its been way too long since an update...for one thing im just now getting around to watching an older episode of thebroken (from 2006 lol) - episode 4

why is it such a big deal to use my ipod on the airplane when we are taking off or landing

if me using my ipod to listen to keane or ftsk and its going to cause my plane to crash, then we have some bigger problems that the economy

seriously, waking me up multiple times to tell me to turn off my ipod is simply not productive - it wakes me up, wastes your time and in the ends, its not going to effect what happens with the plane

other than that life is really good - family is good, its going amazingly with wills. was in longview this weekend and got to see luke and matthew play baseball as well as see the fam and such

random thought: i need to go back to rays hell burger. mmm

other random thought: i need a new computer, but gotta sell my inspiron 6400 (anyone interested?) - looking at getting either a used thinkpad or maybe a dell (new or used?)


i need to sleep more
i need to sleep more
i need to sleep more

also, regarding webcams -- the quick cam pro 9000 is pretty sweet (parents have it) but it is also pretty expensive (about 80 IIRC) i have the logitech webcam for notebooks pro (last years version), spent half the money and it works perfectly. also question: for the best video whats the best program to use? only experience is with skype fwiw

ill post a more in depth update about life soon (this week)

lost is on tomorrow. w00t.

im ready for the weekend (and its only tue)

i write like this (a lot)


until next time
havent updated in a while (seems like it at least)

have been in bed basically all weekend b/c of sinus problems (no fun)

i find myself listening to a lot of "retread" music recently - something corporate, mae, MCS (older), yellowcard (older), etc - i need to find new music i like

i watched body of lies - good movie, makes you wonder how often it is like that "over there"...

also saw the pink panther 2 this weekend, had to get out of bed and do something so i didnt feel so worthless. i dont understand why its getting such gawd aweful reviews, its not like its slumdog millionare or grand torino but its not a horrible movie either. i mean - its the pink panther - you should know what your getting yourself into

i added a lot of people on twitter today too, another way to find good links (already found cornyns transcript from Fox News Sunday about the bailout, etc) w00t.

anyway thats all for now. this was a great weather weekend, but i have a feeling its going to be COLD this week...and i am making crockpot soup this week too.
its dc.
its cold.

im going to work for a few hours today (MLK day) - get paid OT at least haha

didnt sleep very well last night (gotta deal with it)
im dreading getting on the metro (obamapalooza tomorrow)
listening to some jerry jeff walker (should have done this ages ago)
trying to decide what i want to do tonight (probably stay in)

thats all for now...
well was a good weekend, didnt do a lot all things considered but thats not the point

obamapalooza is is tue. heres hoping that the metro will do better tue then today. because there were about a jillion different problems on the metro today - stations being exit only, unscheduled problems, all sorts of stuff. if this happens on tue its gonna be a mess to say the least.
anyway...this weekend i made chili, am making chicken encheladas tomorrow and taco soup on tue i think (maybe vice versa?) we will see

this weekend watched a lot of tv/movies. the football games today + a couple of movies
the other "new" thing i have been doing is drinking tea. quite a bit of it i must say. i have been buying it over the last few weeks and got some this weekend too (in town) - its pretty good im getting the times down and its helping me with not drinking coffee, still drink an espresso/latte from time to time but no more coffee lol

as for the super bowl, i am going for the cardinals...read somewhere they were 40-1 odds to make the sB - wonder how many ppl actually took that at the start of this year lol.

this week:
-get setup at the workout place here on our property
-sleep more (as usual)
-relax (off work mon/tue)
-start reading a new book (non fiction)
resolution number two

lose some weight/get more healthy

now this is going to be difficult to accomplish for many reasons, one of them being that i enjoy to cook quite a lot and that what i am best at cooking are things in the category of "sweets"

i would say that i have cooked a LOT more over the last few months than i ever did before, and i have recognized that it really does boil down to calories in & calories out. i am eating more healthy all things considered and i am mostly restricting myself to eating out on weekends (if then even)

also i am going to start working out at the on-complex workout facility - need to get on that - starting towards the end of the month.

i have cut out a lot of sweets (ice cream) and sodas (rarely have any). next thing to cut out is coffee - shouldnt be hard because i rarely drink it anyway and mostly just drink latte's if i have anything...but moving towards tea, specifically green tea which is more healthy and such. anyway i also drink energy drinks, but not that many and not that often - usually they are clustered together over a few days and then none for a while. i successfully did not buy a case of monsters at sams club this weekend, which is great lol but that was as much a financial decision as anything...

but yea, getting more healthy entails 1) eating more healthily slash better + losing weight 2) working out in some way, be it running or treadmill or the hundred pushup challenge and 3) cutting out as much sugar or sweets as i can, another plus of green tea is that i dont drink it with sugar.

i have been able to lose weight since i have been here in DC but thats almost entirely from easting less/smaller portions - which is something i am ok at doing already but can still get better at doing. biggest suggestion for losing weight, and an easy one, is to not keep snack foods around or keep healthy snack foods - like fruits or veggies around. i have taken the approach of allowing myself to only have snack foods around a very limited amount of the time and that has been a huge help

regarding football today, blah. i wanted the chargers to win and it to be a chargers/cardinals SB but no luck...now its eagles @ cardinals and ravens @ steelers. im going to be pulling for the cardinals and the ravens but thats as much because i dont like mcnabb and h-ward as anything else.

watched 24 tonight, and may start watching it more/full time? we shall see after tomorrow night when the second 2 hours of the 4 hour "opening" comes on.

goals for this weekend:
-make salsa
-make chicken enchiladas + rice
-make banana bread + cookies
-go to a wizards game

so i made salsa/banana bread/cookies but didnt do chicken encheledas/rice cuz im doing it later this week. also going to a caps game on tue...

so this week's goals:
-chicken encheladas + mexican rice (will post recipe)
-"be healthy"
-sleep more
-buy more loose-leaf tea (suggestions?)

we will see how many of THESE get done...lol
so i have not realized that yes, i do have a limit regarding sleep and yes, i have come very close to crossing that threshold (or already have)

bad timing i guess

i got my food processor (christmas gift) this week, now just gotta go to sams and get stuff

goals for this weekend:
-make salsa
-make chicken enchiladas + rice
-make banana bread + cookies
-go to a wizards game

one of my new years resolutions is to sleep more.
or better stated: to get more sleep - the principal way to get this done is to go to bed slightly earlier instead of later

sleeping is important.
sleeping is important.
sleeping is important.

good show i have started watching is: leverage.

leverage is a good show, but as my dad pointed out after watching for 5 min, he goes "this is like the A team...a modern day A team" - which is true. its a good show. nothing great but good nonetheless.

the shows i currently "watch" are: leverage, my own worst enemy (which is only going to be 1 season) and some other random ones on hulu.

speaking of hulu, it is a great site. if you havent been there before you def should check it out! lots of tv shows, and i think even full length movies as well...

anyway, sleeping more...yea
255= should be asleep. but am not.

tomorrow is gonna be a long day of sightseeing and such. should be good for me though

texas on the fifth...hook 'em. will be even better when we see that THE ohio state university shouldnt have been in a BCS game. hopefully the beatdown by utah will lead to more non "majors" getting invited to the BCS, and while utah did their part to attempt to shake up the BCS texas tech sucked it up (can you say overrated? guess now we see how "good" tech was after getting rolled by OU and then getting smoked by ole miss here in texas...way to represent the big XII tech. good job). i was glad to see utah beat 'bama, showed how overrated the SEC was i hope) but then tech lost to ole miss - and as a side note would love to see an ole miss/alabama rematch.

in a perfect world we would be gearing up for a utah/va tech/texas/OU final 4 for college football, but not with the big bad BCS stilll in town.

also, why is east carolina vs kentucky and buffalo vs uconn on the sked after jan 1, what happened to the post-jan 1 bowls being the "big games". this is where we should have had the boise st/tcu or some game like that. instead we have 4 unranked teams playing. now im not gonna bash tulsa/ball state because both of them should have been conf winners and actually are decent football teams (have lost a combined 4 games all year, tulsa lost to arkansas, u of h, and eastern carolina - ball st lost in the conf. champ game to buffalo). also, would anyone take cincy/va tech/ohio state over say boise st/tcu/utah? if those 6 teams are playing h2h im taking the second group to win 2 of the 3 games. in fact, i would think that they would have a serious chance to win all 3...ugh. reformat the BCS please. its foolish that a team like THE ohio state university got in the BCS over teams like texas tech (much better team), boise st, tcu and i question if they could beat a team like oklahoma state or oregon.

anyway...bowl picks for the last few bowl games:
buffalo over uconn
texas over tOSU (not even close...pryor gets rocked and tOSU has to go back to the senior QB - bozeman? - which is who they should have had playing all year imho)
ball state over tulsa
oklahoma over florida (i dont think this will be close. i bet venables has the answer for tebow)

life has been good recently, was in texas for christmas - which was awesome. good to be back in DC, work coming up soon - monday is wayyyyyyy too soon. i miss college where we had janterms lol. still looking for more good music. waiting for it to snow in DC (and yes, its **cold**). cooking a lot - dinner tonight: baked chicken, rice, broccoli. thats about it.

happy new year.
2009 is gonna be the best year yet (in a place as far away from last year as i could possibly be - and in the best place i could be for 2009 i think. as happy as i can just about ever remember. future looking up. personal life looking up. got some resolutions, but ill post them later this week - next post maybe? we shall see.)

anyway i am excited about 2009...check out "closer to the truth and further from the sky" by butch walker - youtube and lyrics - its the most recent song i get stuck in my head every time i hear it...

until next time...