havent updated in a while (seems like it at least)

have been in bed basically all weekend b/c of sinus problems (no fun)

i find myself listening to a lot of "retread" music recently - something corporate, mae, MCS (older), yellowcard (older), etc - i need to find new music i like

i watched body of lies - good movie, makes you wonder how often it is like that "over there"...

also saw the pink panther 2 this weekend, had to get out of bed and do something so i didnt feel so worthless. i dont understand why its getting such gawd aweful reviews, its not like its slumdog millionare or grand torino but its not a horrible movie either. i mean - its the pink panther - you should know what your getting yourself into

i added a lot of people on twitter today too, another way to find good links (already found cornyns transcript from Fox News Sunday about the bailout, etc) w00t.

anyway thats all for now. this was a great weather weekend, but i have a feeling its going to be COLD this week...and i am making crockpot soup this week too.

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