well its been way too long since an update...for one thing im just now getting around to watching an older episode of thebroken (from 2006 lol) - episode 4

why is it such a big deal to use my ipod on the airplane when we are taking off or landing

if me using my ipod to listen to keane or ftsk and its going to cause my plane to crash, then we have some bigger problems that the economy

seriously, waking me up multiple times to tell me to turn off my ipod is simply not productive - it wakes me up, wastes your time and in the ends, its not going to effect what happens with the plane

other than that life is really good - family is good, its going amazingly with wills. was in longview this weekend and got to see luke and matthew play baseball as well as see the fam and such

random thought: i need to go back to rays hell burger. mmm

other random thought: i need a new computer, but gotta sell my inspiron 6400 (anyone interested?) - looking at getting either a used thinkpad or maybe a dell (new or used?)


i need to sleep more
i need to sleep more
i need to sleep more

also, regarding webcams -- the quick cam pro 9000 is pretty sweet (parents have it) but it is also pretty expensive (about 80 IIRC) i have the logitech webcam for notebooks pro (last years version), spent half the money and it works perfectly. also question: for the best video whats the best program to use? only experience is with skype fwiw

ill post a more in depth update about life soon (this week)

lost is on tomorrow. w00t.

im ready for the weekend (and its only tue)

i write like this (a lot)


until next time

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A Sloan said...

yeah the i bought the quickcam 9000 at bestbuy for 85 bucks. played with it and decided i wouldnt use it enough to merit giving up 85 bucks.
So the video on the quickcam notebook pro's video quality is comparable? cuz i was very impressed with the 9000.

I used skype. i mean there is msn messenger and yahoo messenger but i just prefer skype.

laptop..... craigslist that piece.

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