255= should be asleep. but am not.

tomorrow is gonna be a long day of sightseeing and such. should be good for me though

texas on the fifth...hook 'em. will be even better when we see that THE ohio state university shouldnt have been in a BCS game. hopefully the beatdown by utah will lead to more non "majors" getting invited to the BCS, and while utah did their part to attempt to shake up the BCS texas tech sucked it up (can you say overrated? guess now we see how "good" tech was after getting rolled by OU and then getting smoked by ole miss here in texas...way to represent the big XII tech. good job). i was glad to see utah beat 'bama, showed how overrated the SEC was i hope) but then tech lost to ole miss - and as a side note would love to see an ole miss/alabama rematch.

in a perfect world we would be gearing up for a utah/va tech/texas/OU final 4 for college football, but not with the big bad BCS stilll in town.

also, why is east carolina vs kentucky and buffalo vs uconn on the sked after jan 1, what happened to the post-jan 1 bowls being the "big games". this is where we should have had the boise st/tcu or some game like that. instead we have 4 unranked teams playing. now im not gonna bash tulsa/ball state because both of them should have been conf winners and actually are decent football teams (have lost a combined 4 games all year, tulsa lost to arkansas, u of h, and eastern carolina - ball st lost in the conf. champ game to buffalo). also, would anyone take cincy/va tech/ohio state over say boise st/tcu/utah? if those 6 teams are playing h2h im taking the second group to win 2 of the 3 games. in fact, i would think that they would have a serious chance to win all 3...ugh. reformat the BCS please. its foolish that a team like THE ohio state university got in the BCS over teams like texas tech (much better team), boise st, tcu and i question if they could beat a team like oklahoma state or oregon.

anyway...bowl picks for the last few bowl games:
buffalo over uconn
texas over tOSU (not even close...pryor gets rocked and tOSU has to go back to the senior QB - bozeman? - which is who they should have had playing all year imho)
ball state over tulsa
oklahoma over florida (i dont think this will be close. i bet venables has the answer for tebow)

life has been good recently, was in texas for christmas - which was awesome. good to be back in DC, work coming up soon - monday is wayyyyyyy too soon. i miss college where we had janterms lol. still looking for more good music. waiting for it to snow in DC (and yes, its **cold**). cooking a lot - dinner tonight: baked chicken, rice, broccoli. thats about it.

happy new year.
2009 is gonna be the best year yet (in a place as far away from last year as i could possibly be - and in the best place i could be for 2009 i think. as happy as i can just about ever remember. future looking up. personal life looking up. got some resolutions, but ill post them later this week - next post maybe? we shall see.)

anyway i am excited about 2009...check out "closer to the truth and further from the sky" by butch walker - youtube and lyrics - its the most recent song i get stuck in my head every time i hear it...

until next time...

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