resolution number two

lose some weight/get more healthy

now this is going to be difficult to accomplish for many reasons, one of them being that i enjoy to cook quite a lot and that what i am best at cooking are things in the category of "sweets"

i would say that i have cooked a LOT more over the last few months than i ever did before, and i have recognized that it really does boil down to calories in & calories out. i am eating more healthy all things considered and i am mostly restricting myself to eating out on weekends (if then even)

also i am going to start working out at the on-complex workout facility - need to get on that - starting towards the end of the month.

i have cut out a lot of sweets (ice cream) and sodas (rarely have any). next thing to cut out is coffee - shouldnt be hard because i rarely drink it anyway and mostly just drink latte's if i have anything...but moving towards tea, specifically green tea which is more healthy and such. anyway i also drink energy drinks, but not that many and not that often - usually they are clustered together over a few days and then none for a while. i successfully did not buy a case of monsters at sams club this weekend, which is great lol but that was as much a financial decision as anything...

but yea, getting more healthy entails 1) eating more healthily slash better + losing weight 2) working out in some way, be it running or treadmill or the hundred pushup challenge and 3) cutting out as much sugar or sweets as i can, another plus of green tea is that i dont drink it with sugar.

i have been able to lose weight since i have been here in DC but thats almost entirely from easting less/smaller portions - which is something i am ok at doing already but can still get better at doing. biggest suggestion for losing weight, and an easy one, is to not keep snack foods around or keep healthy snack foods - like fruits or veggies around. i have taken the approach of allowing myself to only have snack foods around a very limited amount of the time and that has been a huge help

regarding football today, blah. i wanted the chargers to win and it to be a chargers/cardinals SB but no luck...now its eagles @ cardinals and ravens @ steelers. im going to be pulling for the cardinals and the ravens but thats as much because i dont like mcnabb and h-ward as anything else.

watched 24 tonight, and may start watching it more/full time? we shall see after tomorrow night when the second 2 hours of the 4 hour "opening" comes on.

goals for this weekend:
-make salsa
-make chicken enchiladas + rice
-make banana bread + cookies
-go to a wizards game

so i made salsa/banana bread/cookies but didnt do chicken encheledas/rice cuz im doing it later this week. also going to a caps game on tue...

so this week's goals:
-chicken encheladas + mexican rice (will post recipe)
-"be healthy"
-sleep more
-buy more loose-leaf tea (suggestions?)

we will see how many of THESE get done...lol

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