life is pretty good

only current problem is these headaches i keep getting. i seriously have to come home and lay in bed for 20-30 min, lights off, no sound before they will pass - and even then they will randomly come back...its strange cuz they are one-sided, they dont usually hurt on both sides...

in other news, went on a 2.5 mile walk today across the city, from u street through adams morgan down to dupont. had some dinner there. i miss my ipod, i reallllly need to re-order the headphone part so i can use it again. this week.

also got some GRE study aids, studying starts monday (woohoo...or not?) and working out starts mon as well...

1969 - "wreck me" is an epic song.

i should have done more today, but really was just lazy most of the day, reading, tv, music.

and for the epic fail of today, well tonight: the safeway where we live had two lines open. then they only had one line open, and had twenty paying customers in the one line. keep in mind, not twenty different people, twenty individual paying cutomers - so about 25 people in general...ONE PERSON. the other one "went on break" and the third person left work early. seriously? "on break" are you KIDDING ME?

anyway, its something i have gotten accustomed to, subway being no good...if i had any other choice other than 711, i would go in a heartbeat...

anyway, headache kind of coming on = less computer = end of this entry. maybe ill do another one tomorrow afternoon, probably a slightly longer one? book it.

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