im doing pretty dang bad on this updating my blog thing

went to DC United game tonight - was a lot of fun :)

got some pretty good elite 8 games coming up...also, talk about a team playing well at the end, id love to see michigan state make it to the championship now that my "team" lost (memphics)...

in other news billy gillespie got fired at kansas, wonder where he goes next? wonder if aTm would take him back? lol

in other news, im kind of ready for baseball to start up, ya know? ill be spending too much time at nationals park im sure (5$ walkup tickets? count me IN)

i saw watchmen recently. i think its a movie i would/will like better on DVD/watching it at home. i enjoyed it but let me say that some scenes were just a little overboard lol. also didnt help WHO i was watching it with

i go to the metro last nite at about 10 to ride up to chinatown/gallary place and watch i love you, man, and just barely miss the train. turns out the next train is an EIGHTEEN MIN wait. im sorry, but there is not, nor has there ever been, a movie that i am willing to wait 18 min by myself at the waterfront metro to go see.

you dont have to wait 18 min on a MONDAY night for a train. i would have no problem paying a little more (rush hour prices?) to have more trains on a fri/sat night. i mean, really? 18 min? comeon!

thats about all for now...but going to try to update this a couple of times this coming week...lol

i wish motion city soundtrack was coming to this area - id even go to baltimore to go see em lol

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A Sloan said...

he got fired from kentucky. UK. kansas = KU. Thats one of the many life lessons I have learned from TexAgs.

We would never take him back. He did alot for the program but he burned that bridge.

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