the weekend comes to an end, full of sleeping, reading, tv and relaxation.

i took about a 2 .5 mile walk last nite...just to take a walk. was pretty nice, but didnt find any hole in the walls place that i was kind of looking for. o well. ended up at dupont circle, got out of the metro at u street and just walked up and down for waaaaaay too long lol. it was a nice walk, great weather (much like today)

today was great weather - and daylight savings time was pretty nice also - an extra hour of daylight at night, althought i lost an extra hour of sleep lol - o well...

this is going to be another good week i hope, its a short one (im out on friday) but it will be a good one i hope :)

goals for this week:
  • get rid of more clutter (declutter) - this is something that is continuing, i have been working on it for a while - both at office and at home and am (very) slowly getting places with it lol
  • be more healthy/work out more
  • study for the GRE - specifically verbal!
  • relax (probably wont have much time for that)
  • drink more tea - this one is strange, because its a week to week thing - ill drink a lot one week, then drink only a little bit or none the next week...maybe it will help some with the headaches, maybe working out will help as well
this is random, but the old bluejays logo was pretty sweet:

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