so i have not realized that yes, i do have a limit regarding sleep and yes, i have come very close to crossing that threshold (or already have)

bad timing i guess

i got my food processor (christmas gift) this week, now just gotta go to sams and get stuff

goals for this weekend:
-make salsa
-make chicken enchiladas + rice
-make banana bread + cookies
-go to a wizards game

one of my new years resolutions is to sleep more.
or better stated: to get more sleep - the principal way to get this done is to go to bed slightly earlier instead of later

sleeping is important.
sleeping is important.
sleeping is important.

good show i have started watching is: leverage.

leverage is a good show, but as my dad pointed out after watching for 5 min, he goes "this is like the A team...a modern day A team" - which is true. its a good show. nothing great but good nonetheless.

the shows i currently "watch" are: leverage, my own worst enemy (which is only going to be 1 season) and some other random ones on hulu.

speaking of hulu, it is a great site. if you havent been there before you def should check it out! lots of tv shows, and i think even full length movies as well...

anyway, sleeping more...yea

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A Sloan said...

i think you were struggling with sleep at AC. i see things havent changed that much. I just keep rewatching its always sunny in philly. Let me tell you something the forefathers kicked down to me that I'm gonna kick down to you. "Don't tread on me!"

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